What Makes a Great Ecommerce Brand Experience Work?

Dive into the world of impactful branding with host Dayu Yang and Simon De Raadt in this EcommOps Podcast episode—and learn how to create a brand experience that fosters trust, loyalty, and repeat business.

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In this insightful episode of The EcommOps Podcast, hosts Dayu Yang and Simon De Raadt explore what it really takes to build an iconic, beloved brand that fosters enduring customer loyalty.


Drawing from decades of combined experience empowering emerging ecommerce brands, Dayu and Simon emphasize that memorable brands are defined by far more than visual identity and marketing campaigns. As Simon highlights:


Great branding, it means a lot of things. You can look it up from the consumer’s perspective. In the supply chain, it just basically comes down to—in our case for DTC brands—what the consumer experience that covers everything is. And for that experience, you have to nail down the whole supply chain from whatever touch point there might be, whether that is online, offline, the product, the packaging, everything that comes with it. That’s something that is, for me, the real branding.


Delving into what sets beloved brands apart, Dayu and Simon stress the importance of cultivating authentic connections with customers built on trust further into their discussion. The main point they get across is that doing the aforementioned means doing three things:


  1. Engaging with transparency;

  2. Responding to feedback, and;

  3. Demonstrating a commitment to quality and social responsibility.


Throughout the episode, Dayu and Simon also analyze how leading brands infuse personality and purpose into the entire customer journey—building affinity through relatable, humorous, or inspiring content across touchpoints. 


Other insightful topics in this episode include:

  • The true extent of what it takes to build a brand and brand experience for an ecommerce business or DTC brand;

  • Why consistency across brand touchpoints is key for shaping positive impressions;

  • The role of brand values and social impact in attracting modern, conscious consumers;

  • Tactics for gleaning actionable insights from customer data to improve experiences, and;

  • How most ecommerce businesses are hurting their profits through diversification.

So if you’re looking to better connect with customers or simply want to discover what sets beloved brands apart, join Dayu and Simon for an eye-opening discussion. Dive into this episode to learn more about what it takes to build a compelling blueprint for crafting a differentiated brand that stands the test of time.