5 Reasons Temu Won (and Wish Lost)

Why is Temu outpacing Wish in the ecommerce race? Find out on The EcommOps Podcast as Dayu Yang and Simon De Raadt dissect the strategies that lead to market dominance, providing a roadmap for businesses seeking to excel in the digital marketplace.

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In this episode of The EcommOps Podcast, hosts Dayu Yang and Simon De Raadt examine the contrasting fortunes of Temu and Wish, two ecommerce platforms with seemingly similar beginnings but vastly different outcomes. 


Throughout their conversation, Dayu and Simon dive deep into the contrasting trajectories of the two ecommerce giants and explore the critical components that have defined the successes and downfall of these platforms. At the same time, the hosts shine light on Temu and Wish’s strategies in cross-border trade, shipping practices from China, and how they position themselves in the market. 


Simon, with his rich background in ecommerce logistics, and Dayu, an expert in ecommerce operations, share their unique insights on why controlling both supply and demand is pivotal for any marketplace platform’s success. They explore how consumer preferences and behaviors ultimately shape the ecommerce landscape, leading to a battleground where only the most consumer-centric businesses thrive.


The episode is packed with valuable lessons for ecommerce entrepreneurs and DTC brand owners, emphasizing the need for differentiation, the critical role of supply chain integration, and the importance of setting and meeting consumer expectations. Dayu and Simon also discuss the future of ecommerce, predicting an intensifying global competition among platforms like Temu, Wish, Amazon, and emerging players.


Key topics covered in this episode include:

  • The fundamental differences between Temu and Wish’s business models and strategies.

  • The evolution of ecommerce logistics and its impact on consumer expectations.

  • The significance of platform control over supply and demand in achieving success.

  • Strategies for DTC brands to find their unique space and compete effectively.

  • The role of honesty and transparency in building a sustainable ecommerce brand.

Join Dayu and Simon for an enlightening discussion that not only sheds light on the dynamics of modern ecommerce but also provides actionable insights for navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities in the ever-evolving ecommerce arena. 


Whether you’re an established ecommerce player or a budding entrepreneur, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to understand the keys to success in the digital marketplace.