4 China Sourcing Secrets to Unlock Growth for DTC Brands

Ever wondered how the pros manage sourcing through the Chinese supply chain maze? This episode reveals insider strategies on optimizing your ecommerce brand through savvy sourcing and fulfillment practices.

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Spurcing secrets

In this insight-packed episode of The EcommOps Podcast, we tackle the complexities and challenges DTC brands face when developing their sourcing strategies with the Chinese supply chain. With the expertise of Greg Lepkoff from Kanary Solutions, we delve into the nuanced world of sourcing from China, offering a beacon of guidance for brands looking to navigate these turbulent waters.

Greg, with his deep roots in Chinese manufacturing and sourcing, unravels the often-intimidating process of connecting Western businesses with Chinese factories. Throughout the discussion, Greg emphasizes the critical nature of due diligence, the art of relationship-building, and the strategic nuances of negotiation, shedding light on the misunderstood aspects of sourcing and manufacturing in China.

Our guest shares firsthand experiences and insights, illuminating the path for DTC brands aiming to establish a foothold in the Chinese market. Greg’s stories from the field highlight the importance of personal connections, understanding the cultural nuances, and adopting a strategic approach to quality control and supplier relations.

The conversation pivots around several key insights that are foundational for success in the Chinese supply chain—such as:

  • The vital role of thorough research and vetting processes to identify and partner with the right manufacturers;
  • Why the strength of personal relationships with suppliers can make or break your sourcing strategy;
  • The nuances of negotiating terms beyond price, focusing on lead times, quality standards, and mutual benefit with Chinese manufacturers;
  • The key elements for establishing rigorous quality control measures that align with your brand’s standards, and;
  • Optimizing your supply chain for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and agility in response to market demands.

Greg also addresses the evolving landscape of DTC branding in the context of global competition, offering strategies for differentiation and establishing a loyal customer base amidst giants like Temu and Shein.


For anyone looking to demystify the process of sourcing from China, build a resilient supply chain, or simply gain insights into the workings of the Chinese manufacturing ecosystem, this episode is packed with valuable lessons. Greg Lepkoff’s expertise offers a rare glimpse into the strategic considerations and operational tactics that can help DTC brands thrive in a competitive global market.


Join us for an enlightening discussion that not only explores the intricacies of the Chinese supply chain but also provides actionable advice for DTC brands at every stage of their journey. Whether you’re contemplating your first foray into sourcing from China or seeking to refine your existing supply chain strategy, Greg’s guidance lights the way towards successful and sustainable sourcing practices.