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Hassle-Free Factory Management

One of the biggest challenges of leveraging China manufacturing for your business is managing factory relations. Even if you’ve found a supplier that is trustworthy and high-quality, it takes time to manage quality control, quickly address production issues, and to negotiate and manage new product orders.


Imagine not having to do any of those tasks. This is exactly the service that EcommOps offers. Our expert team communicates directly with your supplier, implementing quality control standards, being available 24/7 to address production issues, and negotiating product orders with your factory.

Decades of Factory Management Experience

Our team has decades of total experience working directly with China factories to manufacture the best products for our clients. EcommOps knows what factories need to form successful relationships with clients, and we know how to hold factories accountable to quality standards and other contractual obligations.


Your business can rest assured that factory relations will be handled by some of the top experts in the field.

Factory Management Experience
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Managing China Factories From Shenzhen

Our warehouse is located in Shenzhen, the ecommerce hub of China. Our physical presence in Shenzhen allows us to respond to production issues within minutes, and we can react to quality issues as soon as we see products arrive in our Shenzhen warehouse. It is impossible to have this level of service without being physically present in China, and it’s one of many reasons clients continue to trust their factory relations to EcommOps.

Unbeatable Quality Control Management

Our physical presence in Shenzhen paired with our expertise in quality control means EcommOps can offer unmatched quality control management. Our team can stop quality issues before they happen, correct quality issues before it affects an entire batch of products, and spot common places where a factory might try to cut corners.
Quality Control Management
Transparent Communications

Transparent Communications as Your China Representative

Businesses can be at the mercy of factories when it comes to dealing with unforeseen issues or complex situations, but not with EcommOps as your representative. We have years of experience dealing with China factories and making sure our clients have a direct view into factory operations. We are on your side, helping you to cut through ambiguity and false promises so you know exactly what is going on.

Easy China Sourcing for New or Existing Products

Not all businesses are satisfied with their current factory, while others may be interested in new products that their current supplier can’t manufacture. EcommOps can help you find new suppliers that might be a better fit for your business or suppliers that specialize in creating the new kinds of products you want.

About Us

EcommOps: The Leader in China Order Fulfillment

We started our business committed to helping ecommerce businesses efficiently fulfill customer orders directly from China. Now, we’ve grown to help businesses streamline their entire supply chain, leveraging direct-from-China order fulfillment to add inventory flexibility and less cash flow risk.


If you already work with a China supplier (or are interested in doing so), our services might be the secret ingredient your supply chain has been missing. Fill out our form, and our team of experts will be in touch to review your business and to see if EcommOps is a good fit for your China order fulfillment needs.

China Order Fulfillment


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

EcommOps makes a commitment to making sure our clients (and their customers) have an outstanding experience. We guarantee the following benefits for all of our clients:

100% Pick and Pack Accuracy

Zero Inventory Loss

Receiving Within 2 Days

Fulfillment Within 1 Day



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"EcommOps is the best China fulfillment service that I’ve worked with. They are reliable, efficient, and truly act as a partner to help achieve your brand’s goals. Can’t recommend them enough!"
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Frequently Asked Questions

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The cost of inventory sourcing services will vary on a number of factors, including the volume of your order, the kind of product being requested, the location of the service provider, and whether or not you want them to offer other services, like inventory management.
What sets EcommOps apart from other inventory sourcing services is that we don’t just specialize in helping businesses get the products they want. We help businesses manage their entire supply chain, including finding a supplier, getting products made, getting items to fulfillment warehouses, managing those warehouses, and fulfilling orders on behalf of companies. We offer everything a business might need, along with the depth of experience to get you to the best suppliers at the best prices.
Contact us! We’ll go over your business and your needs, and we’ll make a determination as to whether the services we offer are a good fit for your business.
Aside from what we’ve outlined, one of the most important tips is to be patient. Don’t rush to the first option you see. Instead, find a list of potential candidates, and take your time vetting them. This can be making sure they offer the services you need, as well as making sure that they don’t use underhanded business tactics.

Once you’ve chosen a provider, there are a few tips that you can follow to make sure you get the most out of what they offer:

  • Communicate: Just like how it’s important that the service is able to communicate easily with you, you need to be prepared to regularly communicate with them. Respond to their questions and make specific needs known so they can meet them.
  • Monitor: If you’re working with a new sourcing service, keep an eye on their progress. Are they doing what they said they would do? Are they meeting deadlines? Are they otherwise reaching the expectations they’ve set for you? This can help to prevent problems or to end a business relationship that isn’t a good fit before you become too deeply invested.
  • Flexibility: Finally, remember to be reasonably flexible with your provider. Things can go wrong that are outside of their control and changes may need to be made quickly. This is why you should be readily available to communicate with your provider so they can quickly make changes to address unexpected issues.

Let’s take a look at some challenges you may face when using a sourcing service:

  • Lack of pricing transparency: Many sourcing services make it difficult to see what you’re actually paying for, and these are not providers you should be partnering with. Take the time to fully understand exactly what you’ll be paying for, and if it seems like the service is trying to hide fees, move on to a different option.
  • Inflexible contracts: Many providers will create contracts that are frustratingly binding so it’s difficult to end services if you aren’t happy with what they offer. Again, this is another reason to take the time to fully understand the contract and how to end the contract if working with the provider isn’t beneficial to your business.
  • Limited selection: Some providers may offer fantastic service, but their selection of suppliers is limited, which can frustrate your search for the perfect fit. Make sure that your provider either specializes in your specific industry or has a broad range of options to choose from.