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Streamlined Fulfillment for Any Kind of Crowdfunding Campaign

Hitting your funding goals is only part of a successful crowdfunding campaign. You need to have a firm grasp on factory lead times, how international shipping will differ from domestic shipping, and other fulfillment and shipping-related costs that can hit your bottom lines in ways you may not be prepared for.


EcommOps makes crowdfunding fulfillment easy. We handle factory relations, including getting firm lead times, we help to create fulfillment strategies that make the most sense for your business (like direct-from-China fulfillment vs domestic fulfillment), and we make sure that you have a full understanding of all fulfillment costs to make sure your crowdfunding campaign is a win for your business.

Direct-to-Customer Crowdfunding Fulfillment from China

Unique problems to crowdfunding fulfillment (like irregular demand) combined with chronic shipping issues (like container shortages or port congestion). Instead of selling out when demand is high, or overstocking for unexpectedly low demand, we help businesses utilize direct-to-consumer fulfillment for crowdfunding campaigns.


EcommOps manages your suppliers for you, as well as taking charge of a China-based fulfillment warehouse. That means your factory lead times will be short, and you can order small batches of inventory instead of occasional, huge orders. This reduces your warehouse costs while allowing you to adjust to unexpected swings in demand.

International Shipping for Crowdfunding Fulfillment

The biggest, most successful crowdfunding campaigns almost always require international backers. However, shipping products to U.S.-based 3PLs to then ship to international markets is inefficient, costly, and may ruin the overall experience for international customers.


EcommOps can use direct-to-customer fulfillment to streamline international fulfillment by reducing shipping costs and overall fulfillment time to create a customer experience that will help your brand land well with new customers. We have a proven track record of leveraging direct-from-China fulfillment for our clients which results in lower shipping costs and incredible sales growth.

Professional Branding and Packaging for Crowdfunded Products

Have a winning product idea for a crowdfunding campaign, but need help with brand messaging? EcommOps can provide branding consultation to help solidify your messaging and overall brand voice, unique packaging design, and other branding concerns you may have.

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EcommOps: The Leader in China Order Fulfillment

We started our business committed to helping ecommerce businesses efficiently fulfill customer orders directly from China. Now, we’ve grown to help businesses streamline their entire supply chain, leveraging direct-from-China order fulfillment to add inventory flexibility and less cash flow risk.


If you already work with a China supplier (or are interested in doing so), our services might be the secret ingredient your supply chain has been missing. Fill out our form, and our team of experts will be in touch to review your business and to see if EcommOps is a good fit for your China order fulfillment needs.

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EcommOps makes a commitment to making sure our clients (and their customers) have an outstanding experience. We guarantee the following benefits for all of our clients:

100% Pick and Pack Accuracy

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Crowdfunding fulfillment refers to a fulfillment strategy that incorporates a crowdfunding marketing element. For example, if a Kickstarter campaign involves multiple tiers of products (and the threshold is reached for the campaign to be “successful,”) then a fulfillment strategy is needed to get products to campaign supporters.

Crowdfunding fulfillment has unique challenges that other aren’t present with other marketing strategies, including:


Irregular Spikes and Dips in Demand

How fulfillment is handled is dependent on the specific crowdfunding campaign, but most of them are still different from standard direct-to-customer strategies. You may need to fulfill an enormous batch of orders at once (for an unexpectedly successful campaign), or you may not end up fulfilling anything if certain crowdfunding thresholds aren’t reached.

Complicated Fulfillment Logistics
You aren’t just fulfilling standard customer orders. Your business will need to fulfill a variety of orders based on the tier that customers have reached in your crowdfunding campaign, which complicates the process of who gets what products from where. Your backend systems will need to be designed to handle this kind of fulfillment, especially if you ship different products from different warehouses.

Traditionally, the process of shipping products from a China-based supplier to an international customer was convoluted. A large volume order would be shipped via sea freight, where it would need to clear U.S. Customs and be shipped to a domestic fulfillment warehouse. From there, the warehouse would ship the individual products to international customers.


This process is very slow and expensive. If this strategy was used in the past three years (with historic shipping disruptions and port congestion), international customers could be looking at weeks-long, sometimes months-long, shipping times. It also resulted in businesses being forced to charge high international shipping rates, which hampered sales.


Direct-from-China fulfillment offers a different approach. Instead of a supplier sending large volume orders to domestic warehouses, the suppliers send products to a nearby, China-based, fulfillment warehouse. From there, individual products are fulfilled directly to customers, including international customers.


The results for businesses struggling to break into this can be huge. EcommOps has cut down international shipping times to as little as 5-8 days while cutting the cost of international shipping by 50% or more. Leveraging China-based fulfillment warehouses is our specialty, and we’d love to show you how your specific business can benefit from this fulfillment strategy!

Even if you don’t plan on allowing international backers to your crowdfunding campaign, using direct-from-China fulfillment instead of a domestic 3PL can still offer huge benefits, some of the most noteworthy being:

  • Easy to Adjust to Demand: Since you can make small batch orders from your supplier, you can avoid selling out without risking huge overstocks, all the while keeping shipping times for customers consistent. 
  • Keep More Capital Available: Since you don’t have to make huge, bulk orders from suppliers, you’re able to keep more resources available for other business needs. 
  • Avoid Supply Chain Disruptions: Direct-from-China fulfillment will avoid some of the common issues causing supply chain disruptions. This includes avoiding port congestion, customs delays, hangups involving a chassis or container shortage, and any other problem that would impact traditional supply chain strategies. 


EcommOps regularly works with businesses that exclusively sell to a domestic audience, and we’d love to show you how direct-to-customer shipping from China can remove the supply chain hang ups that have been plaguing your business.

Given the complexities that come with crowdsourcing fulfillment, businesses may be apprehensive about using crowdsourcing as a marketing tool. However, depending on your industry and your product, crowdsourcing can be a versatile tool, for example:

Launching a Brand

If you have a new brand you want to create excitement around, crowdsourcing can be an excellent tool. Excited customers can help a crowdsourced product go viral, especially if it’s a winning product that needs to hit a threshold of support before it launches.

Lower Risk for Novel, Creative Products

If your brand has a unique product that you aren’t sure will be an immediate hit, crowdfunding can help mitigate the risk. You’re essentially having customers pre-order products, which can help prevent selling out (depending on the kind of campaign you’re using), but it can also help reduce the risk of overstocking. You can set a goal that needs to be reached before you launch a product, and if you don’t generate enough interest, you simply refund customers’ money.

A crowdfunding fulfillment service is a fulfillment strategy catered specifically to products that are crowdsourced. This kind of fulfillment service incorporates traditional needs (like product sourcing, warehouse management, and fulfillment) while also resolving the unique challenges that come with crowdfunding fulfillment (like complicated logistics and inconsistent demand).

When you’re choosing a provider for crowdfunding fulfillment services, there are several factors you should consider, like:

  • Location: You should choose a crowdfunding fulfillment service provider that has a physical presence where your supplier is located. For example, EcommOps has a physical presence in China, and our specialty is direct-from-China fulfillment. 
  • Services Provided: Your crowdfunding fulfillment service provider should offer services and benefits that fit your needs. If a particular choice doesn’t offer the key support you need, consider another provider. For example, EcommOps offers a full suite of services, including product sourcing, warehouse management, order fulfillment, shipping, and returns processing. 

Experience: Choosing a fulfillment provider that’s new to the game can create headaches for your business. You may not get the best shipping routes, the best prices, and mistakes may be more common. Experience is a major reason businesses continue to choose EcommOps, as our expert team has decades of supply chain management experience.

Yes! EcommOps does offer crowdfunding order fulfillment for businesses that use China-based suppliers. If you are thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign and want to avoid the logistical hassle of doing so, we’d love to connect with you.
We work with all major crowdfunding platforms, including Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Patreon.

We can help your business with the kind of shipping fulfillment that makes sense for your Kickstarter campaign. If your business partners with a China-based supplier, we’ll likely explore to see if direct-to-customer (DTC) fulfillment works for your overall goals. DTC fulfillment offers unique benefits that can help a Kickstarter campaign run smoothly, including:

  • Flexible fulfillment: We make sure your supplier and fulfillment warehouse are close to each other so you can respond to unexpected spikes in demand without overstocking. 
  • Unbeatable international shipping: DTC fulfillment slashes the cost of a more traditional fulfillment strategy, which usually involves a large order being shipped via sea freight to a domestic warehouse, where products are reshipped to international customers. This means your shipping costs and shipping times are lowered. 

Expert inventory management: Our team makes sure you have the products you need, when you need them, without burning through valuable resources. If you want a hands-off approach to making sure your inventory is maintained, then EcommOps can make it happen.

The cost for any fulfillment service, including crowdfunding, will depend on a variety of factors. For example, hazardous or fragile products cost more to fulfill, and especially heavy or especially large products may incur higher than normal shipping fees.


If you’d like to get an idea of how much fulfillment services for your crowdfunding campaign might be, contact us! Our team will examine your business details, including your crowdfunding campaign, and we’ll be able to give you a solid idea of the costs you may expect (as well as the savings we can provide).

We do! EcommOps offers returns services for any client we work with, and this includes the more complicated logistics associated with crowdfunded returns. We make sure that customers still have an outstanding experience interacting with your brand while your inventory is quickly, and easily, restocked (and when applicable, ready for resell).
Yes! EcommOps offers warehousing services for all of our clients, including clients using a crowdfunding marketing strategy. As long as inventory is cycled out of our warehouses within 30 days, we don’t charge clients for using our warehouses. We also help businesses order an appropriate amount of inventory to avoid incurring warehouse charges, when possible.
Our offices and warehouse are located in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen has established a reputation of being China’s premier ecommerce hub, which means there are plenty of suppliers in close proximity to our warehouses.